Hi, I’m Darci.

I’m an Austin-based UX designer with a passion for making the world easier to use.



Featured work


Interactive Code Demos

To help developers learn about a product and get up and running quickly, this interactive code demo aims to eliminate documentation complexity and increase number of integrations. The code demos are part of a flexible framework that scales from single products to bundled product solutions.



Symbol Library & UI System

This project focuses on applying standards to the visual design of diagrams and flows of a documentation site to promote brand consistency. To do so, I created a symbol library that enables other product teams to build diagrams and visual assets for their product documentation.



Search UX Re-design

We found that users often started their technical searches on Google, which would often lead them to the wrong doc on our site or to an external site like Stack Overflow with outdated documentation. Improving search on site helps with discoverability of our products, gets users to the right content at the right time, and reduces use of external sites.


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