Branding & Front-end Dev




I was a head of digital design for a marketing team that wanted to expand from an internal group to a full-blown marketing agency that would offer services to external clients.

The local market in the Isle of Man already had a few well-established agencies that we thought were missing the punch on digital marketing and conversion analytics.

I led my team in developing a brand that represents the next generation of digital marketing agencies on the island to take on the existing market.


My Role

I led brand development, visual design, and front-end development on this project.



  • Develop a distruptive brand for the newest marketing agency in the Isle of Man

  • Emphasize Creativity and Analytics equally in the brand

  • Build brand assets including the website


  • The brand had to break through the noise and stand out from competitors

  • How might analytics be visually portrayed as a large part of the brand

  • Build a website that the marketing team can edit



I ran several workshops for the marketing team. We collaborated in defining the target market, brand mission and values that would drive the brand identity.

With this information, we named the company, and I began to mock up logos and brand identity systems. After a few back and forth iterations and conversations with the marketing director, and getting buy in from the team, we decided to move forward with one concept.

I further developed the brand identity system and prototyped the website. Once approved, I developed the website and trained the team on how to edit the copy and images.



Bringing together art and science, we named the agency Peggy & Mills, inspired by Peggy Guggenheim and John Stuart Mill.

The requirement to visually portray both themes led to the idea using spirographs as a main element in the brand. Spirographs, through strategic angles and lines, create beautiful creative pieces. We thought this was fitting for a company that focused on strategy, goal setting, and analytics to drive the success of a company while still lending to the obvious - we were still a creative agency.

I built out the brand guidelines and began to mock up wireframes of the website.

I developed the website using CraftCMS which allows the team to edit copy and images as needed.

Darci Martinez