Proposal Generator UX




This proposal generator was designed for the internal sales department at a telecommunications company to facilitate and expedite quote and proposal creation.

There was previously no such platform for making proposals, and the sales team would either reach out to graphic designers or work with inconsistent Word Templates to create their proposals. Time was used inefficiently, designs were inconsistent across proposals, and there was a lot of room left for mistakes.



I did the UX Design for this project and collaborated with the sales and marketing teams on product requirements.



  • Give the sales team autonomy over proposal creation

  • Decrease time to creating a proposal

  • Create consistency in design and layout of proposals


  • Each proposal was unique and the template had to be flexible enough to scale to different product proposals


The Process

  • Communicate with sales and marketing team on product requirements

  • Understand existing proposal template structure and design

  • Prototype designs and have constant check-ins with sales team

  • Define and document technical requirements

  • Have regular sync ups with external freelance developer on progress of product development



Instead of relying on a designer or a finicky Word template to produce proposals, the employee can use this tool to:

  • Insert product information documents

  • Insert relevant case studies

  • Insert custom text for the proposed solution

  • Insert full quotes for clients

  • Choose a relevant cover design

  • Export to PDF or Save for later

The user also has the option to:

  • Create a proposal from scratch

  • Update an existing proposal

  • Re-purpose a previous proposal for new client

Darci Martinez