Website Re-design and Build




Mustard Systems is the parent company of MustardBet, a sports book startup revolutionizing online sports betting in the UK.

The Mustard Systems domain was historically used for recruiting for the Mustard Group, and with the addition of MustardBet as a brand within the group, there was a need to revamp the outdated Mustard Systems website.

The previous website included old photos with irrelevant content that was not related to recruitment, and stakeholders felt it did not appeal to potential employees.

This website re-design focused on cleaning up the site, refreshing the copy, and aligning the old Mustard Systems brand with the newly launched MustardBet brand.


My role

I was the designer and the developer on this project. I worked closely with the product owner of MustardBet and the Director of Mustard Systems to ensure their vision was for this website being met. I also collaborated with the marketing team on the website copy.



  • Create an inspiring website focused on recruiting talent.

  • Align visual design with the MustardBet brand.

  • Build an HTML template for job descriptions to facilitate uploading new jobs.


  • Create a professional website that is inspiring and sports focused.

  • Collaborate with remote teams on requirements and content deliverables.


The Process

I first gathered requirements and timelines from the stakeholders of the project. They communicated their vision to me, and I began to do some competitive research and brainstorming on which direction to take the site.

I mocked up a few variations of the design based off of a couple site map options. We had to decide whether to create a multi-page site, or a single page site with each job description living on their separate pages behind the scenes. Because the content of the site was brief, I suggested sticking with the latter single page option.

I also spent time finding compelling sports videos that had a pleasant composition and color scheme in line with the MustardBet brand to into the header section of the website.



I built the website as a single page in static HTML/CSS with the exception of the individual job descriptions which lived on their own separate pages behind the scenes.

I edited the sports videos to be a sequence of inspiring, winning shots and placed them in the background of the header section of the home page to create immediate impact. I also mentored and directed a junior designer on the creation of the icons.

The visual design, colors and fonts follow the MustardBet brand to ensure consistency across the group.

Darci Martinez