Hi, I'm Darci.

I’m an Austin-based UX Designer with experience in Visual Design and Front End Development.


How I got here

After graduating with a BA in Advertising from the University of Texas, I moved to Spain to teach English. During my third year in Spain, I studied visual design and front-end development in Madrid (in Spanish!). Soon after, I began my career as lead designer/front-end developer for a startup in the Isle of Man. After 7 years abroad, I made my way home, and I have been back in Austin since 2017!


What I’ve been up to

I’ve been supporting the developer experience team of a Fortune 100 payments company to optimize its core platform, working closely with product and engineering partners on long term strategic redesigns and iterative high priority fixes.

I enjoy creating and resuscitating the life of digital products, focusing on user experiences that are valuable, delightful, and user-centered.


What I enjoy

I enjoy planning trips and traveling to new places. I have seen a lot of Europe and now look forward to seeing more of Central and South America. Travel photography is one of my passions.

Aside from photography, I enjoy sewing and painting, and I have spent a lot of my time back here in Austin exploring new restaurants and live music.