Interactive Code Demos




Through site surveys, customer feedback and UX research, we came to learn that Developers who are looking to integrate a third party product into their experience rely heavily on technical documentation even in the decision-making phase. Their expectation during this phase is to be able to play with the code and quickly get to a ‘hello world’ to understand what the integration entails and if it fits with their existing tech stack.

The existing design had general information about the product integration on an ‘Overview’ page and then sent our developers straight into a full integration, labeling the task ‘Integrate’. It was discovered that developers did not quite feel ready to integrate at this stage. They still just want to understand the code and integration from a high level.


My role

I was the UX Designer on this project. I collaborated daily with a product team in San Jose to scale the single product demo to a multi-product bundled solution for a product solution to soon be launched to market.


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Darci Martinez